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Musings: A return from hiatus

Having taken a few weeks away from building, I’m back in the swing of things.

Last month’s Freebie of the Month (the mini-Arrr!Bor) will remain in the store until the end of September, at which time I will switch it out for a new freebie, so it’s still available to grab if you’ve not snagged it yet.

I’m currently working on a large new skybox: the bigger (40×30) version of the Castle Skybox that so many people seem to enjoy (and which I’ve just realised – horrors! – I haven’t put on this blog!) This larger version is one that I originally built on our home parcel a long time ago, before I learned how to align prims properly, and I’m now re-making it as a sale item. It has three floors, a dungeon, three large split-level rooms with sleeping platforms, and a small kitchen area. Once inside, this fully-enclosed skybox forms an ideal roleplaying or living environment, and will be sold as the Gentleman’s Study set is: in various sets, to include the fully-furnished skybox, skybox alone, furniture alone, and decor alone. There are also several items available in the Gentleman Bastards Mini-Mall that will suit the build extremely well, including my partner’s great low-cost Medieval Hearth/Gorean Servery Beginners Kit, at just 25L$

Look out for this new Castle Skybox both here on the blog, on SLX, and at the store inworld, in the next couple of weeks!