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A note to my customers

A note to my customers

I think I’m going to withdraw the free male newbie starter kit from XStreet and the mall. It’s a little… disheartening when your freebie items are pretty much the only things people ‘buy’. :-/

Before Christmas, the store went for nine days with that newbie kit the only thing being taken. Yes, it’s nice to offer something free that helps male newbie avatars out, but it’s also not the greatest of feelings for any content creator (especially one that actually underprices his items because he doesn’t want to over-charge for his work) when they see nothing in their sales list but ‘freebie’, ‘freebie’, ‘freebie’.

My prices are hardly ‘break the bank’ as you’ll see if you take the time to browse this blog, my XStreet account, or even come and visit the mall inworld. But I’m beginning to understand why many content creators are withdrawing freebies. We offer them, not only as free gifts, but also in the hope that people might stick around, check out the rest of our items, like what they see, and maybe spend a few L$. But lately, people just TP in, grab the freebie, then TP right out again within seconds.

No matter how well-priced your items are, how well-made, how well laid-out; you’re never going to turn those freebie-grabbers into customers if they just wait long enough for that freebie to rez, grab it, then run.

Yeah, It’s very, very disheartening.


Freebie: Male Newbie Starter Kit

Domicile Male Newbie Starter Kit

FREEBIE: Male Newbie Starter Kit – I remember how hard it was as a guy starting out in Second Life. Sure, now we have better default avatars, and there are a few newbie starter kits out there, but there’s still very little for male avatars unless you know where to look. I scoured through hundreds of free items for guys and picked out the very best, created a couple of new shapes, threw them all in a box with some other useful things, and you can pick the kit up for free at the store. The SLurl is in the sidebar of the blog.