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Free: The Crackhouse

We have a freebie out for the remainder of July, to celebrate our remodelling of the mall. Please note, because of the remodel, our floor level has changed slightly. Click the pushpin when you land, to get a new LM.

The Crackhouse – A 20m x 20m, 16-prim simple, fully-enclosed skybox with grungy textures. It comes complete with a box of free scungy furnishings, culled from the wonderful full-perm creations of Arcadia Asylum. The Crackhouse is free for the remainder of July, and after that will be on general sale.


Grungy Urban Skybox


Grungy Urban Skybox – New from Domicile and the Gentlemen Bastards, comes this grungy urban skybox. A single-storey, 20m x 20m, fully-enclosed (ie: no door! See this post for how to get inside) skybox with urban textures and local lighting. Just 28 prims.

Picture (with avatar for scale) behind the jump.

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