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Art Deco style display cabinet

Art Deco style display cabinet – Nine prims of 1930s classic style. A sleek, simple display cabinet in Art Deco style, available for just L$25.


3 Christmas giftboxes & the ubiquitous bottle of booze!


3 Christmas giftboxes & the ubiquitous bottle of booze!  ’tis the season! New from Domicile and the Gentlemen Bastards comes this set of three fully-modifiable giftboxes with ribbons and bows. Rez them simply for decoration, or place a (transferrable) gift in a box’s contents, add the script you’ll find in the included notecard, and give the giftbox to your loved one. Have them rez the box and touch it, and your gift will be given to them.

Nine full-perm Christmas giftwrap textures are included, for you to customise the boxes to your heart’s content.

Also included is the ubiquitous giftwrapped bottle of plonk (hey, there’s always one under the tree, right?) – decorative only. (If you fancy a glass of vino, though, there’s another giftwrapped bottle in the notecard; rez and touch that for some festive cheer while you wrap the rest of the pressies.)

Small square giftbox = 4 prims.
Large square giftbox = 4 prims.
Long rectangular giftbox = 6 prims.
Giftwrapped bottle of wine = 5 prims.

This item will only be available on Xstreet until December 1st, after which time it will also be available in the Gentlemen Bastards Mini-Mall.


New: The Gentleman’s Study experience!

I’ve just installed a mini-version of the Gentleman’s Study at the store, so you can get an idea of the atmosphere it has. Set world to midnight and come and relax in the armchair by the fire, with the soothing tick of the clock. Click the letter on the sideboard for more info about the build.

Pictures behind the cut.

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Domicile: The Gentleman’s Study Carriage Clock

Domicile Gentleman's Study - Ticking Carriage Clock (Ad)

The Gentleman’s Study Carriage Clock – To complement the Gentleman’s Study build, this new item from Domicile is a touch on/off carriage clock with a slow, ponderous tick. Available for 15L$


Domicile: The Gentleman’s Study (decorative pack)

The Gentleman’s Study (Decorative Pack) – This is the decorative set of the Gentleman’s Study from Domicile. At 61 prims you will find inside: four framed pictures, a banker’s lamp with local lights, an oil lamp with local lights, a tray holding a decanter and glass of whisky, a desk blotter, two books, three pens in a container, and a scripted spinning globe.

All items are Mod/Copy/No Transfer.

Please note – there are two other packs in the Gentleman’s Study set: the skybox (L$50) and the furniture pack (L$150). Alternatively, you can buy the full pack for a discounted price of L$300 and receive the skybox, furniture and decorative items together.

Available for 150L$